CMA - catering management application provides the solution for food service management in catering departments in hospitals and nursing homes. It has been designed to replace existing paper-based menu ordering procedures.


  1. Menu management - will let you set and maintain menus for different dietary requirements

  2. Patient catering profile - provides useful non-medical information about the patient, which will be stored for future visits

  3. Patient orders processing - covers necessary steps required for smooth operation of the catering department, including taking an order, notification of production area, possible order updates, patient allergy information and special requests and many others

  4. Allergy and meal modifications information - will lead to better patient satisfaction and increase the meal service accuracy

  5. Daily reports - deliver useful information about catering department productivity

  6. Realtime updates - take care of unifying information between production and service areas and improve communication accuracy

  7. Patients and orders timeline - will answer your questions about patient bed number changes and provides information about orders history

  8. Patient catering history - a database of patient meals-by-bed no. history, for patient satisfaction follow up, or in the event of identification related to a food borne illness incident.


  1. Significant cost savings

  2. Reduces over production and food waste

  3. Increase in productivity

  4. Better standardisation of the ordering process and food products

  5. Reduces cross contamination risk

  6. Improves patient satisfaction and safety