The purpose of HACCP-forms is to replace the large volume of HACCP paper forms in catering departments in hospitals and nursing homes.

  • HACCP-forms can be installed as a stand-alone module
  • HACCP module can be fully integrated with the core CMA (Catering Management Application) menu management & patient food ordering system.


  1. Form Records - Process new and existing HACCP forms-records using customised templates, following the required HACCP procedures

  2. Forms History - Archive records for 5 years, in accordance with current legislation

  3. Archived Records - Access to archived records for review/inspection purposes

  4. Historical information - PDF export/print of required documents


  1. Ensure compliance. Paper driven systems are difficult to verify.

  2. Real time access and control-records can be accessed wherever you are and can give a complete picture of what is going on, allowing monitoring of activities.

  3. Easy to access records- Records can be accessed at the touch of a button. Paper based records can be lost, damaged or be illegible when it comes time to review. Digitising records eliminates all these issues.

  4. Demonstrates excellence, professionalism and adherence to standards as well as the values of the company.


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